Emergency Relief

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Emergency Relief

We strive to respond with assistance when urgent needs arise, particularly in areas that cannot be adequately served by major relief efforts. A few examples of how we help:

Health Care: financial assistance for medical procedures, surgeries, and medications

Local Refugees Assistance: assist local refugees as they transition into living in the USA

Hygiene Kits: Kits with complete hygiene care for men and women are provided to refugees upon arrival

Urgent Winterization: New coats and winter kits are provided to help prepare communities for cold winters. Kits include scarves, blankets, hand warmers and gloves.


We are on the ground providing urgent relief during the aftermath of acute crises such as COVID relief and different forms of disasters.

How You Can Help

Get In Touch

Reach out to us and find out how you can help throughout the year


Give to the general fund or specify a cause you are interested in contributing towards

Host An Event

Host a fundraiser or an event to help build awareness in your community

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