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Ruba Sarsour, M.D.


President and co-founder of Hanan RRG, an Internal Medicine/Nephrology board-certified physician currently working in Nebraska.

Dr. Sarsour completed her Bachelor’s degree at ECU in North Caroline, her medical degree at VCOM in Virginia and her Internal Medicine and Nephrology training at ECU in NC. She is also a devoted wife and mother for 2 beautiful children.

Dr. Sarsour is currently active in establishing a tele-medicine program for hospitals in the West Bank, working closely with the minister of health and along with other senior physicians within the US.

Dr. Sarsour started at a young age volunteering with the Red Crescent in the West Bank and later throughout her medical journey for local clinics in the United States.  Dr. Sarsour was very actively involved in charity work in the West Bank and Jordan before establishing Hanan RRG in 2017. In addition to Humanitarian assistance abroad, Dr. Sarsour is involved in medical outreach programs in the US.