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Rebuild Homes

One of many camps targeted with this project, the Jerash camp, also known as the “Gaza camp”, lies 3 miles outside the city of Jerash. Its inhabitants take shelter in unsafe living conditions and lack access to public services otherwise available to residents who have Jordanian nationalization, like health insurance or university enrollment. Hanan Refugee Relief Group hopes to finish coordinating a project that will help rebuild the homes of many while creating a means for sustainable income through various vocational projects.

Jerash camp was established in 1968 for 11,500 Palestinian refugees displaced from the Gaza strip as a result of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Per a Fafo report in 2013 by the Norwegian research foundation, it is the poorest of the 10 Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. 52.7% have income below the national poverty line. Many homes are still built with corrugated zinc and asbestos sheets.

Bakr Family Home Renovation

Hanan supporters!! We are excited to announce the successful rebuilding of the Bakr family home in the Gaza strip. The father Qais is paralyzed and has 5 kids with no stable source…

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