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Safe living environment: We help provide a safe living environment for families by building homes and rebuilding the current living situation into a safer and more habitual environment.

Health care: We establish programs that are lacking in the health care system in the Palestinian territories. We are starting a Peritoneal dialysis program, the first to use cyclers home modalities in the region. Currently, Palestinian dialysis patients have to travel to one of 11 centers in the West Bank 3 times a week to receive therapy. This program allows patients to do dialysis at home minimizing the risk of travel through checkpoints and minimizing the cost of transportation.

Emergency relief: We are on the ground providing urgent relief during acute crises such as COVID relief and natural disasters.

Educational programs: We provide scholarships to bright students with financial difficultiesin the Palestinian territories as well as other parts of the world. We also provide school supplies for students of different age groups.

Medical Relief: We provide individuals with all costs required to perform necessary surgeries, procedures and assist with recovery. This will allow these hard working individuals to resume their daily lives and provide for themselves and their families.

Economic Development: We assist individuals in establishing small businesses to transition them into the path of financial independence.

Food program: We provide grocery vouchers for families during different times of the year.

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